JAX Rental Housing Project

The JAX Rental Housing Project is a UNF community-based research project aimed at collecting and analyzing data on the state of the rental housing market and the conditions for renters in Jacksonville/Duval County as well as studying and advocating for housing policies that have been successfully implemented in other communities to address this critical issue. Students, faculty, and members of the community will be working together in preparing reports for public consumption.

Areas of research include:

The level of corporate ownership concentration of single-family housing and multifamily apartment housing

The frequency and pattern of evictions and eviction filings

Strengthening tenant rights through tenant organizations and tenant protections such as the proposed Jacksonville Tenants Bill of Rights

Examining and proposing housing policies successfully implemented in other cities

The project welcomes and encourages input from community members on their experiences with rental housing and landlords, and ideas on how to improve conditions for renters.